Western and post-socialist (eastern christian countries) model of private life rights: Features of formation and development


During the soviet period of Russia’s, the influence of various philosophical and religious views on the national legal system was mostly denied, which is due to the ideology of Marxism-Leninism, considered the religious worldview to be perverted and illusory, distorting the scientific understanding of actual relations, and the volume of relevant scientific research was minimized. Despite the fact that in the vast majority of countries in the XX century, the influence of religion gave way to secularism, in modern society, the process of “clericalisation of society” is increasing, and religion is increasingly included in the public sphere. This article examines the influence of Christian theology (Western and Eastern Christianity) on the content of the right for private life in the Western and post-socialist (Eastern Christian countries) legal family. The author concludes that the content of the constitutional right for private life, which, as a rule, in post-socialist countries is an adapted version of the Western model of private life law(the result of the paradigm of catch-up growth). It does not coincide with the mass legal consciousness and the system of values established in post-socialist society(collectivist society), the philosophical and religious principles of Orthodoxy, which leads(as follows from modern practice) to conflicts in the national and individual consciousness, differences between the legal and actual content of the right for private life.


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