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Waiting time and satisfaction of outpatient in the pharmacy section


Background: Waiting time for pharmaceutical services, especially outpatients, had become a problem often occurring in hospitals. The correlation between patient expectations and satisfaction level is high, and patient expectations are important to be recognized. The purpose of this paper was to find out whether drug waiting time has a relationship with patient satisfaction in the pharmaceutical department, especially for the outpatients.
Methods: This was a cross sectional study combined with questionnaires distributed to outpatients in the outpatient pharmacy department. The data were presented in the form of descriptive data with a total of 1338 patient respondents and observations for 3 months.
Results: There was an increase in patient satisfaction in the outpatient pharmacy department regarding the waiting time of the drug, followed by several other factors, including pharmacists’ compliance in explaining the procedures for the use of medications prescribed by doctors. The number of patients who transacted in outpatient pharmacy was increase, indicating the patients’ trust or loyalty to the pharmaceutical installation at Siloam Hospital in Surabaya.
Conclusion: There was an increase in patient satisfaction in the outpatient pharmacy department.


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