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Objective: To find the effect of administration of vitamin A on patients with severe COVID-19.
Material and Methods: A cross-sectional and retrospective study was done on two groups of patients with severe COVID-19 in isolation centers in Anbar governorate. The first group was patients with severe COVID-19 given two doses of vitamin A (200,000 I.U.) for two days from the first day of admission and three doses per day of salbutamol and budesonide nebulizers.. Data about the respiratory rate and SPO2 were collected after 48 and 96 hours from the administration in addition to the death rate among those patients. In a second group, the data was collected from files of patients with severe COVID-19 previously admitted to isolated centers and not receiving vitamin A.
Results: A significant improvement in SPO2 and respiratory rate among severe COVID-19 patients given vitamin A as compared to those not given vitamin A. A lower death rate was recorded among severe COVID-19 patients who received vitamin A from those not received.
Conclusions; A great benefit of the using of vitamin A in patients with severe COVID-19. Adding vitamin A to the regime COVID-19 therapy is recommended.


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