Objectives: Atherosclerosis formed due to the accumulation of the fibrous tissues in the vascular wall and gradually become thrombus. Agaricus brasiliensis known as a traditional drug for lifestyle-related diseases, including obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. The aim of this research was to examine the potency of Agaricus brasiliensis to reduce the excessive inflammatory response that occurs in the process of atherosclerosis. The extract of Agaricus brasiliensis contains β-glucans and Agiritin that may bound to the Dectin-1 receptor and TLR-2. Methods: Therefore, we examine the interaction of the molecules by using bioinformatic. We have docked β-glucans and Agaritin to the active site of the Dectin-1 receptor and TLR-2. Results: The result of the analysis indicated the binding affinity of between TLR2/1 and 1,3-1,6 β-glucan or agaritin showed higher compared to positive control, Tri-Acylated Lipopeptide. Besides β-glucan 1,3-1,6 bound to Dectin-1 has similar binding affinity compared to the positive control, Beta-D-Glucose. Conclusions: It could be concluded that β-glucan 1,3-1,6 and agaritin might enable to activate the TLR2. However, Dectin-1 receptor might only be activated by 1,3-1,6. β-glucan.


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