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The analysis of workload of outpatient officers based on health workload analysis method


Background: Workload can affect the work productivity of the outpatient claim officers. The purpose of this study was to calculate the workload and the number of outpatient claim officers’ needs at Insurance Installation of Regional General Hospital based on the Health Workload Analysis method. 
Method: This study was descriptive study carried out through observational survey with 9 respondents in carrying out their activities in the Insurance Installation of Sidoarjo Regional Hospital. 
Result: The results showed that the most frequently used of activity time between productive activities and unproductive activities by file receiver staffs was the use of unproductive activities. Meanwhile, the most frequent use of activity time by coding, costing, outpatient monitoring and evaluation coordinators staffs was the use of time for productive activities. 
Conclusion: The calculation of the need for outpatient claim officers by using Health Workload Analysis was 10 people.


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