Synthesis and characterization of na-saturated kaolinite membrane for pb(ii) filtration


This research aims to synthesize membrane using kaolinite and Na-saturated kaolinite. Three main steps of preparation of the membrane were conducted; preparation of kaolinite, synthesis of the membrane and trial of membrane implementation for filtration of Pb2+ cation using cross-flow reactor. Membrane characterization was performed using SEM EDX. This research showed that kaolinite membrane (Kao) has significant larger pores compared to those of Na-kaolinite membrane (Kao-Na). Both membranes have uneven distribution of pores, with main compositions of carbon (C) and oxygen (O). The mass of each element is 43.69% and 46.88% of total mass on Kao, and 45.35% and 44.84% on Kao-Na, respectively. The highest flux on Kao is 58.441 L/(m2.h) and 30.080 L/(m2.h) on Kao-Na. The highest rejection of Pb2+ is 24.48% on Kao and 28.27% in Kao-Na. The saturation of Na+ decreases the flux and increases the rejection.


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