Switching to sheep’s milk industry: problems and prospective


The study of individual components of sheep’s milk has shown that it has a much higher dry matter content and, consequently, more protein and fat than cow’s or goat’s milk. Therefore, it is an excellent raw material for different types of food production, which gives prospective of its development in milk industry. The sheep milk, after cow milk, is the one main milk can be produced and consumed all over the world as it belongs to category dairy products. Sheep’s milk should be valuable food product that is rich in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals. Yogurts, cheese and ice cream from sheep’s milk is a reality nowadays. It is a unique and surprisingly useful product. Although it is difficult to find it on the market or in a store, dairy sheep farming remains one of the branches of industrial animal husbandry even today. Although, sadly, almost no one thinks about sheep as a source of milk. In this paper, we reviewed the characteristics of sheep’s milk, its benefits, price, and products that people get from this milk. Here we tried to outline the prospective of sheep’s milk industry with the focus on the technology of its cultivation.


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