Background and Aim: A systematic review and meta-analysis studies that has not comprehensively reviewed the existing studies, MBL, survival rate has not been performed, so the purpose of this study was evaluate the Survival rate and marginal bone loss of zirconia dental implants restored with single crowns or fixed dental prostheses.
Method: From the electronic databases, PubMed, Cochrane Library, Embase, ISI have been used to perform a systematic literature between 2010 and 2020. Therefore, a software program (Endnote X8) has been utilized for managing the electronic titles. Searches were performed with mesh terms. The meta-analysis and forest plots have been evaluated with the use of a software program available in the market (i.e., Comprehensive Meta-Analysis Stata V16).
Result: A total of 486 potentially relevant titles and abstracts were found during the electronic search. Finally, a total of eleven publications fulfilled the inclusion criteria required for this systematic review. Survival rates as high as 85% to 98% could be observed. Mean difference of marginal bone loss after final follow-up period was (MD, 0.08mm 95% CI -0.05mm, 0.22mm. P= 0.23) among 7 studies. The marginal bone loss of zirconia implants can be considered similar to the ones reported for titanium implants.
Conclusion: Survival rate and marginal bone loss of zirconia dental implants supporting single crowns and fixed dental prostheses after 12 months to five years are promising


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