Research of technology of restructured combined meat products using a multicomponent brine


The article presents the results of research on the technology of combined meat products, namely the results of a study of restructured meat product from horse meat and mutton. It has been established that the introduction of multicomponent syringe brine containing protein and carbohydrate components into the muscle tissue of horse meat and mutton, followed by massaging contributes to meat tenderization and improving the organoleptic characteristics of the finished product. Analysis of the data showed that the introduction of additives in the multicomponent brine contributes to the process of moisture retention in horse meat and mutton, well balanced in carbohydrate and vitamin composition, has a positive effect on the balance of the finished product and increases their biological value. Using intensive technology in the ripening of meat and the use of multi-component brine makes it possible to reduce the cost of finished products by 14% -15%. The data obtained are a promising direction in the improvement of meat technology.


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