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Relationship between knowledge and commitment of officers with officers’ performance as an effort to improve the finding of patients with leprosy


Background: Leprosy is an infectious disease which remains a health problem in the community. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between the knowledge and the officers’ commitment with the performance of effort to increase detection case of leprosy.
Method: This was an observational study using cross-sectional approach with a total sampling calculation is leprosy officers in primary health cares who found and treated leprosy. 
Result: The results showed that the performance of primary health care of leprosy officers in making early leprosy findings was not good >20% due to the lack of knowledge about the implementation of leprosy findings (B=0.071). The weak commitment of the officers responsible for the implementation of leprosy findings, the performance of early leprosy findings was not good >20% (B=0.005). 
Conclusion: That the knowledge and commitment of primary health care of leprosy officers have a positive effect on performance.


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