Reactions of Malaysian citizens towards Movement Control Order (MCO) during the transmission of COVID 19 Pandemic


COVID-19 has been declared as a pandemic situation. It does not only affect the health of an infected individual indirectly, but also poses extinction in one’s country if no quick and smart measure is taken to overcome it. Social distancing as publicly announced by World Health Organization (WHO) is one public health preventive measure that is effective in breaking the COVID-19 chain. Therefore, this article evaluates the reactions of society and their compliance of MCO implemented by Malaysian government. The research used quantitative approach as the main method that is by using a survey form which was distributed online using google form. A number of 959 respondents answered the survey. The main outcome is, the majority of respondents reacted positively towards MCO. In terms of compliance, majority show compliance to MCO. However, it was found that the reason of the compliance is because of the visibility of the authorities all over the country. It is better if all citizens of this country are compliant with MCO because of self internalization about the awareness on the importance of following MCO, which is to ensure the chain of COVID-19 is destructed as opposed to the concern of getting captured by the authorities.


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