Rare case report: Female patients of mediastinal neurofibroma without von Recklinghausen’s disease


Background: The cases of mediastinal neurofibroma tumors without von Recklinghausen's disease are very rare. Clinical manifestations of tightness that do not get better with prolonged treatment using bronchodilators and steroids. After further examination and patient’s history, a diagnosis of mediastinal mass can be established, that suppress the respiratory tract. Purpose: aim to know female patients of mediastinal neurofibroma without von recklinghausen’s disease. Method: Old adult patients who experience mediastinal neurofibroma tumors with symptoms of shortness of breathing that are increasingly aggravated especially when cold and fatigue. Symptoms are related to compression or invasion directly to structures around the mediastinum or associated with paraneoplastic syndrome. Asymptomatic patients are usually associated with benign tumors and vice versa patients with symptomatic usually associated with malignancy. Result: The development of a malignant tumor occurs in 10% of cases of neurofibroma especially in patients with neurofibromatosis (von Recklinghausen's disease). The duration of ongoing disease coupled with complication from other diseases makes different alternatives the best indication. Conclusion: This tumor had reached the stage of surgical therapy to achieve safe and completed tumor excision. This therapy was carried out as an optimal effort to obtain a better prognosis for the patient's disease


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