Quality of milk-raw materials at different level of solar activity and methods and practices of detecting milk quality


The history of dairy farming goes back thousands of years, evolving from a traditional small-scale production to the industrialized manufacturing of fermented dairy products. Commercialization of milk and its derived products has been very important not only as a source of nourishment but also as an economic resource. However, the dairy industry has encountered several problems that have to be overcome to ensure the quality and safety of the final products, as well as to avoid economic losses. The results of studies of the relationship between cosmophysical activity and animal productivity are presented. obtained the following results, the synchronization of milk yield in cows of black-motley breed in the years of high solar activity was 76%; 5. The synchronicity and rhythm of milk yield of cows was established, regardless of the phase of lactation of cows, approximately 33% of the time the milk yield increases, 33% decrease and 34% remain at the same level (р0.99); An increase in the relationship between the studied indicators was observed when the animals achieved maximum productivity. With an increase in milk yield from to 8500 kg, the correlation coefficient was + 0.52. It was noted that all the components of milk decreased on days of increasing solar activity. The correlation coefficients for protein and milk fat content with Wolf (sunspot) numbers were r = –0.34 and r = –0.22, P ≥ 0.95. Correlation analysis revealed a reliable correlation of bacterial contamination and the number of somatic cells r = +0.28 and r = +0.31 (at P ≥ 0.95), respectively, with the Wolf (sunspot) numbers. In the collection milk, the negative correlation by fat content r = –0.12, density r = –0.18, acidity r = –0.17, protein content r = –0.19, sugar content r = –0.14, minerals r = –0.17 was observed with an increase in solar activity. Prospects for further research. The results of studying the effect of solar activity on milk productivity and the quality of raw milk provide the basis for predicting the productivity of cows and the possibility of using cosmophysical changes, to increase productivity and improve the quality of milk, by technological methods.


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