Productivity of green cabbage varieties and hybrids in Piedmont area of the Republic of Dagestan


The article reflects the main results of the studies on the adaptive potential of green cabbage varieties and hybrids in the Piedmont subprovince of the Republic of Dagestan, against the background of processing by growth regulators, as well as the data on the irrigation regime. In the first experiment they determined that the greatest indicators of photosynthetic potential and yield were formed by the hybrid Hope. Higher data were obtained during the treatment with Novosil. The minimum data is marked in the standard (Glory 1305). The data of the second experiment showed the following. The most economical use of water for the development of one ton of crop was observed in Hope hybrid, and the largest use was observed in the standard (Glory 1305). The maximum use of moisture by cabbage plants was observed during the interphase period, the beginning of the head curling - technical ripeness. In this experiment, the hybrid Hope also provided the highest productivity, with irrigation mode, providing for irrigation, while reducing the pre-irrigation threshold to 75-85-75% of MMC.


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