The preselection study of wheat sample collection included the identification of the research object characteristics in order to identify the best candidates for use in selection practice. The object of the study was 19 samples of soft winter wheat from the collection of the All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources named after N.I. Vavilov (VIR). The following characteristics were used as the indicators of ear productivity in the analysis of the collection material: the length of the main ear (cm), the number of spikelets in the main ear (pcs.), the number of grains in the main ear (pcs.), the weight of grain from the main ear (g), the weight 1000 grains (g). The height of the plants was one of the basic indicators of the studied material, because a number of samples differed in alleles of short-stemmed genes. According to the results of two years of research, and according to the indicator "the weight of 1000 grains", the cultivar Cologna lunga razza 188 (Italy) stood out and made 71.20 g. According to the indicator "the number of grains per ear", the cultivar Fenotipo 1 (Italy) - 57.3 g., according to the totality of indicators, the cultivar Kaloyan (Bulgaria) was selected with an average weight of 1000 grains over two years of research - 51.77 g., the number of grains per ear - 51.6 pcs. and the mass of grains from an ear - 2.71 g.


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