<b>Background: </b>Aesthetics is the study of beauty and efforts to improve certain details of a static or dynamic object so as to make it more interesting. In general, the color of adult teeth is yellow, gray, white-gray, or yellowish-white.<br />
<b>Purpose</b><b>:</b> of this study is to find out about the perception and knowledge of patients about teeth whitening treatment.<br />
<b>Method</b>: This study was an observational analytic study with a cross-sectional design survey method. The subjects chosen were 56 patients who came to Aesthetics. Data analysis was Pearson Chi-Square test.<br />
<b>Results</b>: There was a significant correlation between age and patient's perception of the condition of the oral cavity (p = 0.030), gender and tea/coffee drinking habits (p = 0.007), age and patient's knowledge regarding the safety of the bleaching procedure (p = 0.018), age and patient's knowledge about the price of bleaching (p = 0.018), marital status and patient's knowledge about the length of bleaching procedure that has been done (p = 0.018), work and patient's knowledge about bleaching products used at home (p = 0.018), as well as education and origin patient knowledge about bleaching (p = 0.043).<br />
<b>Conclusion</b>: There is a significant relationship between age, sex, level of education, marital status, and type of work on the perception and knowledge of patients regarding teeth whitening treatment in patients who come to the Dental and Oral Hospital of Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya.


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