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Paleotectonic development features and assessment of perspective of oil and gas possibility of Paleozoic sediments of the Pre-Caspian basin


The analysis of the history of the development and formation of the Pre-Caspian basin, the characteristics of the main stages of development from the Middle Devonian to the Lower Permian (Artinsky and Kungurian stages) are given. The main tectonic elements are identified, the analysis of which is used to assess the internal structure and prospects of oil and gas potential of the Paleozoic sediments. Separate analysis of sedimentation conditions and paleotectonic reconstructions along the northern, eastern, and southern pre-bead part of the Pre-Caspian basin was performed. Local structures and zones that are of exploratory interest in relation to the prospects of oil and gas potential are identified. Separately, an assessment and forecast of the conditions for the formation of the central regions of the deep Pre-Caspian basin are given.


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