Purpose: To find out the differences in Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) seen from the factors of gender, age, and years of service of employees at the Ewa Pangalila Gunungsari Marine Hospital in Surabaya.
Method: The design of this study was a cross-sectional study with 48 respondents. Data collection was carried out using a questionnaire consisting of 20 questions. Then the data were analyzed with a descriptive analysis test and Mann Whitney test.
Results: Characteristics of respondents with high OCB dimensions were male (52.0%), age> 36 years (46.4%) and years of service> 5 years (47.1%) and there were no significant differences between OCB dimensions based on gender, age and years of service (p> 0.05).
Conclusion: To improve OCB values for employees, priority can be given to female staff, younger age groups, and new employees, so that organizational treatments can be more efficient and effective.


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