Macrofauna of hydrobionts in the Gubkinsko-Starooskolsky mining area: the case of the Oskolets River


The areas of iron ore mining and processing are characterized by a high level of anthropogenic load. Among them is the Starooskolsko-Gubkinsky mining area of the Belgorod region. A certain indicator of the influence caused by mining enterprises on the adjacent territories is the state of hydrobiocenoses in surface watercourses located in the zone of their direct influence. The Oskolets River was adopted as a model; its middle reach is located in close proximity to the Lebedinsky mining and processing plant (LMPP), from where the drainage waters of the quarry are discharged. The aim of the work was to differentiate the contribution of this enterprise to the general pollution of the river using bioindication methods. According to Roshydromet (Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of Russia), analysis of the channel water in the river sections higher than the LMPP and in the Stary Oskol town of shows that among pollutants, MAC is exceeded for sulphates, ammonium, nitrites, copper, petroleum products, phosphates and iron. The more detailed analyzes we have carried out at the sampling works confirm this data in general. At the same time, the LMPP increasing the content of certain pollutants in river water dilutes them with drainage waters. The total water flow somewhat changes the river channel characteristics, locally reduces the accumulation of bottom sediments, the content of suspended and dissolved organics, which is expressly determined by the presence and ratio of indicator species of macrofauna.


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