Introduction of Maclura Pomifera (RAF.) C. K. Schneid, Moraceae Link families under the conditions of the botanical graden of the NRU “Belsu” (Belgorod, Russia)
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Eurasian Journal of Biosciences, 2019 - Volume 13 Issue 2, pp. 983-986
  • Published Online: 05 Aug 2019
  • Open Access Full Text (PDF)


The data of long-term studies of the biological features of growth and development of Maclurapomifera (Raf.) C. K. Schneid in the Botanical Garden of the National Research University “BelSU” is given. The phenological type of development of this species, the beginning and end of its growing season is determined. Winter hardiness, drought resistance, resistance to diseases and pests are assessed to determine the degree of adaptation of the species to local conditions. For the first time, flowering and fruiting of Maclurapomifera were noted in the conditions of the Belgorod region. A seed test for germination was carried out. The timing of seed germination was also determined, and the dynamics of seedling formation, growth and seedling formation, up to and including readiness to transplant them to a permanent place, were traced. High germination of seeds without the use of special treatment before sowing, the speed of growth indicates the prospects of reproduction and distribution of Maclurapomifera in the Belgorod region. Based on the adaptation coefficient, recommendations are given on the use of Maclurapomifera in gardening in the Belgorod Region.


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