Improvement of competitive performance in handball through targeted development of significant physical qualities


The relevance of the presented topic is due to the need to study the impact of significant in handball physical qualities on the effectiveness of competitive activities. The main technical actions of handball players are throws from different distances, as well as from different positions. These actions require from the athlete a sufficient level of special strength qualities, and in particular, speed-force. Thus, the strength of the arm muscles and shoulder belt of handball players and handball players is an important quality that largely determines the speed of throwing movements, in this regard, a specific difficulty is precisely to combine at a sufficiently high level of manifestation of power and speed motor capabilities. The research has developed and experimentally proved the method of speed-force training of handball players of the advanced sports specialization stage. The positive influence of significant physical qualities of sportsmen on the efficiency of competitive activity was revealed. The purpose of the study was to provide a theoretical justification and experimental confirmation of the effectiveness of the method of speed-force training for professional handball players. As a result of the research the positive influence of significant physical qualities of sportsmen on the effectiveness of competitive activity was revealed. The work presents the method of high-speed force training of handball players. This technique can be used by handball coaches to improve the effectiveness of special handball training. Also, this method will be useful for coaches of high-speed and power sports, such as javelin or core throwing, as well as in fitness training, as a means of CrossFit.


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