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Implementation of lean management to reduce waiting time for drugs in Islamic Hospital, Surabaya


Introduction: Outpatient pharmacy services in Islamic Hospital, Surabaya, still have problems regarding the length of waiting time. This study aimed to reduce the length of waiting time for outpatient pharmacy services by implementing lean management. 
Methods: A quantitative study was carried out in the outpatient pharmacy service unit at Islamic Hospital of Surabaya from January to March 2018.
Results: This study showed that the average time at each stage of the process for non-concoction drugs, for the process of the insurance debtor was 56.86 minutes, followed by the (National Health Insurance Board) BPJS debtor with the time was 54.50 minutes and the cash debtor with time a total of 50.67 minutes. It showed non-concoction drugs with working time before the intervention with an average of 60.546 minutes to 33.474 minutes. 
Conclusion: The implementation of lean management can reduce the length of waiting times for pharmacy services in outpatient units from non-concoction and concoction drugs.


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