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Histological and histochemical studies of the stomach in the Iraqi falcon (Falcon berigora)


The study aimed to find out the histological and histochemical structures of the walls of the stomach parts in Iraqi Falcon (Falcon berigora).To conduct this investigation, six healthy birds which obtained from a commercial market in (Al Basra city). the stomach of the falcon is constituted by two chambers: the proventriculus (pars glandularis), the gizzard (ventriculus or pars muscularis). Under the light microscopy There is no papilla on the gastric epithelium surface of the proventricular. Both, the mucous tunic of the proventriculus and of the gizzard present folds lined by simple columnar epithelium. The tunica mucosa of the proventriculus is extensively folded due to the presence of well-developed longitudinal muscle bundles. There is no intermediate zone between the proventriculus and the gizzard. The luminal surface of the ventriculus have cuticle, which is sloughed and shed small fine area (around the pyloric opening) and very thin membrane and highly closely adherent to the lining surface of gizzard. Histochemical study of the proventriculus and ventriculus layers showed positive reaction with PAS, Toldian and Mallory stain.


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