Toxoplasmosis is a widespread infection that has many risks to the humans. In this study, serum specimen were taken from 50 toxoplasmosis patients and 50 healthy individuals as a control group. The study was conducted at Baghdad Teaching Hospital/ Iraq during the period from 1st December 2019 to 1st March 2020. The results showed that the prevalence of Toxoplasma infections was highest among the age group 20-29 years and females were more susceptible to infection than males 11 (22.0%). The levels of blood glucose was abnormal among 8 (16%) of the patients, while the levels of urea and creatinine were abnormal among 7 (14%) and 5 (10%) of toxoplasmosis patients respectively. There was a noticeable variation in the levels of liver function parameters as it showed abnormal GPT results among 10 (20%), GOT 14 (28%) and ALP 11 (22%) with no significant differences (P>0.05). Results of lipid profile showed abnormal levels of serum cholesterol among 11 (22%), abnormal triglyceride among 13 (26%), abnormal HDL among 6 (12%) and abnormal LDL among 5 (10%) toxoplasmosis patients. the changes in PKL/DUAL gene for SNPs positions showed the mutation in the resistant clones of PLK/DUAL res1 and PLK/DUAL res2 genes in 8 chromosomal positions in patients with toxoplasmosis, the change was at A>C, C>T, A>T, T>A, T>C, G>T, T>C and T>A.


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