Formation of patriotic values through perception of musical and geographical images


Recently there has been an increase in public debates concerning the problem of the formation of patriotic values among the younger generation, the related issues are exposed in the media and modern literature. Reaching impressive heights in science and technology, mankind has faced the threat of losing the spiritual component of its development. Hence the society feels disempowered by the problems that have appeared in our life: the lack of stable values, the tendency to form selfish behavior of the younger generation, as well as the desire for virtual communication, as opposed to real one. In these circumstances, the state educational policy is taking the responsibility for the patriotic development of the young generation in Russia. Without strengthening the patriotic principles of our life, its moral foundations, the progressive development of Russian society is impossible. The challenge of forming patriotic values is directly related to the process of educating the individual. The purpose of the article is to study the essence of patriotic education of the younger generation through perceiving musical and geographical images. The article examines the academic views of art historians and educationalists concerning the problems of instilling patriotic values through perceiving musical and geographical images, analyzes the normative documents that determine the relevance of the formation of patriotic values in modern society. The research materials can be applied in the organization of educational, cultural and leisure activities.


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