Wound healing is a normal process in skin tissue in response to injury. Ficus deltoidea leaves contain phytochemicals, which can play a role in wound healing. This study aimed to assess the wound healing activity of methanol extract of Ficus deltoidea leaves on artificial wounds in mice. In total 28 mice (2-3 months old, 20-30 g in weight) were randomly distributed into 7 treatment groups namely group I without treatment (negative control), group II were given povidone iodine 10% (positive control), group III was given a basic ointment and group IV-VII was treated with methanolic extract of Ficus deltoidea leaves with concentrations of 20, 40, 60 and 80% respectively. In all test animals, the wound was made with a length of 1 cm, and applied to the treatment according to the group, twice a day for 15 days. At the end of the treatment, wound healing activities were determined by measuring the percentage of wound contractions, Hydroxyproline estimates, and total new tissue DNA. Studies showed that the methanol extract of Ficus deltoidea leaves was able to heal wounds starting at a concentration of 20%. Mice treated with 80% extract resulted in the highest DNA and hydroxyproline content. The higher the concentration of the extract, the greater the healing effect of the wound. In summary, methanol extract of Ficus deltoidea leaves have potential for wound healing in mice.


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