The article presents data from a comprehensive study of the current state of the habitat and its impact on hydrobionts and fish populations in the area within the Atyrau city, where an environmental disaster occurred in December 2018, which led to the mass mortality of partial and sturgeon fish in the Zhaiyk river. In the course of research in the summer-autumn period of 2019, the hydrological regime, hydrochemical and hydrophysical parameters, the content of heavy metals, phenols, pesticides and petroleum products in water, hydrobionts and fish were studied. The state of the fish food supply (phytoplankton, zooplankton, zoobenthos), and the quality of the habitat for indicator species were assessed. The analysis of the composition and state of the ichthyofauna and the conditions of natural reproduction of fish were carried out. Pathological changes in fish organisms, the presence of parasites, viral pathogens, and the state of fish internal organs were studied. The state of the ichthyofauna and the habitat of hydrobionts were analyzed, and scientific recommendations were made to reduce the negative impact of anthropogenic factors on ichthyocenosis.


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