Evaluating bioactivity of benzo[a]pyrene toward expression of cd4+cd62l+, cd8+cd62l+, and cd4+ifnÿ in the biology of measles paramyxovirus-vaccinated mice


Current prevention strategies suggest that immunization is still the best option against measles and can manipulate the biologic characters of these viruses. However, immunization is often ineffective in a number of children because of the biological trait of different ages. To a significant extent, this phenomenon is caused by internal and external factors that influence children’s immunity. One of the external factors in this regard is the benzo[a]pyrene pollutant, both directly and indirectly. Accumulated benzo[a]pyrene can infiltrate deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to form benzo[a]pyrene and AhR bonds (Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor). Such bonds affect the differentiation of immune cells, resulting in immunosuppressive activity. This study aims to analyze the bioactivity of benzo[a]pyrene with respect to the expression of CD4+CD62L+, CD8+CD62L+, and CD4+IFNŸ in a measles paramyxovirus-vaccinated mouse. Approximately 20 mg/kg BW of benzo[a]pyrene was injected using an intramuscular approach twice per week for one month. Furthermore, flow cytometric analysis was performed to determine immune cell expression. The results showed that mice under-vaccination and benzo[a]pyrene treatment suppress the expression of CD4+CD62L+ naïve T cells, increases the expression of CD8+CD62L+ naïve T cells, and reduces the expression of CD4+IFNŸ. Controlling internal and external factors enhanced the effectiveness of measles immunization in children.


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