Estimation of vitamin d3 and ferritin in pregnant woman and relationship with hair loss


The current study was designed to verify the relation between level of serum both vitamin D3 and serum ferritin in pregnant women in study group on Tikrit Hospital and hair loss in first and second trimester of pregnancy. To achieve this aim, take 50 pregnant in first and second trimester with hair loss and other group 30 women pregnant without hair loss them aged between 22 and 38 years. Serum vitamin D3, ferritin, white blood count and platelets count will been measured in all group in this study we found the level of vitamin D3 well decreased in women with hair loss and ferritin level found low in this women during first and second trimester while the other group with no hair loss there is normal level of both vitamin D3 and serum ferritin. And other factors such as white blood cell and platelet not related to hair loss but all changes due to physiology of pregnancy.


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