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Background: Cement contains different types of chemicals in addition to lime and silica, and these chemicals lead to various health complications, especially for the respiratory system and blood. The primary occupational hazards for cement workers are allergies and complications related to respiratory illnesses. The study was aimed to explore the effect of cement dust on hematological parameters in construction workers.
Method: The study was done among workers in cement factory in Kirkuk city from the period of10/3 till 30/4/2019and 100 volunteers was taken by special questionnaire sheet and full hematological examination was done to them through taken Erythrocytes: Mean corpuscular volume (MCV), White blood cell (WBC), Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH), Packed cell volume (PCV) Red blood cell (RBC), Hemoglobin, Lymphocytes, Granulocytes and Platelets.
Results: Most of the studied sample were exposed to cement dust with a p. value (0.777).
The most of studied sample show a normal percentage of PCV value (90.0%) with a p. value (0.001). On the other hand, Hb value show a normal limit (86.0%) among the exposed group in comparison to (63.0%) of hemoglobin level in non-exposed group with a p. value (0.008).
Conclusion: Reduced pack cell volume, red cell count, hemoglobin content and platelet count could indicate that cement dust has a harmful effect on the hematological system. An elevated total white blood cell count indicates a reaction to the irritating cement dust present in the lungs.


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