Efforts to increase early detection of leprosy patients


Background: Leprosy is an infectious disease which remains a health problem in the community. This study aimed to analyze the relationship between the patients’ knowledge, patients’ stigma, and patients’ access to performance of officers in leprosy early detection
Materials and Methods: This study using a cross-sectional approach. The population of this study was 160 people affected by leprosy, with a sample of 113 people. 
Results: The patients did not have good knowledge and had a positive influence on the performance of officers (B:0.228). Most of the patients stigmatized their illness and had a positive effect on staff performance (B: 0.36). A small portion of leprosy patients’ access to health center services was still difficult and had a negative influence on staff performance (B:-0,215). 
Conclusion: The knowledge and stigma of patients have a positive influence on the performance of officers in leprosy early detection.


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