Efficiency of molecular GeneXpert MTB/RIF system and conventional test as rapid detection of TB associated lung cancer


Lung cancer is main cause of morbidity and mortality; it includes 12.4% of all new cancer cases, and about 29% of all cancer deaths. There is evidence about persons infected with tuberculosis have increased lung cancer risk. GeneXpert System new diagnostic technique firstly, for TB infection secondly, detect RIF –based rpoB gene mutations related resistance tuberculosis. The rapid detection allows the doctors take critical decisions about therapy. This study aimed to find relationship between lung cancer and TB using GeneXpert MTB/RIF assay compared to conventional Z-N stain. 50 cases suspected cancer was enrolled to procedure of Cephid GeneXpert system manufacture also conventional stain was done for all samples. Out of 33 positive lung cancer, 7 (21.22%) MTB/Rif sensitive was positive detected. Significant difference (p-value 0.0001**) was found between detected MTB/Rif (sensitive and resist) and not detected MTB/Rif by Molecular gen expert method. In addition, Z-N stain was positive in 6 (18.18%) BAL cancer cases. In lung cancer cases, there is no significant difference (p-value 0.828) between two rapid methods. Present study data showed the high percentage of M. tuberculosis/RIF sensitive in cancer bronchoalveolar lavage. Gene Xpert had a higher diagnostic yield in patients beside the routine work to diagnosis and detection of TB/ RIF related rpoB gene mutation as a cancer risk factor.


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