Effects of halothane on the peripheral lymphocytes and buccal mucosa exfoliated cells in operation room workers
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Eurasian Journal of Biosciences, 2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2, pp. 2975-2981
  • Published Online: 16 Sep 2020
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Background: Halothane is one of commonly inhalation anesthetic use in Iraq and the rest of the countries. Anesthetic is substance which reduce sensitivity to pain or is drug used to induce anesthesia that lead to temporary loss sensa-tion or awareness consciousness and which block only sensation of pain stimuli
Aim of study : This study was requested by Iraqi ministry of health to focus on the side effects of halothane on the patients and health,a study was perform-ed to evaluate the effects of the halothane anesthetic waste to induced sister chromatid exchange (SCE) and micronuclei (MN) in peripheral lymphocytes and buccal cells respectively in operation room workers (ORWs).
Material and Methods : SCE and MN,a sensitive measure of genotoxicity were counted SCE in peripheral blood lymphocytes and MN in buccal mucosa cells for 40 ORWs exposure to halothane gases waste and 20 healthy person as con-trol who had never works in operation room.
Results : All of the ORWs exposure to halothane gases waste, have cells with SCE and MN frequencies, in analysis, ORWs was significantly increased SCE in ≥ 10 year and ≤ 5 year compared with control group with mean±SD (11.31± 0.9 and 7.67±0.33)respectively vs mean±SD (5.55±1.6), P< 0.001).fothermore, a significantly increased higher MN frequency with mean± SD (7.53±0.78 and 5.02±0.53) in ORWs with ≥ 10 year and ≤ 5 year respectively comparison with their control group with mean±SD (2.40±0.40),(p<0.001).Also non-significant differences in SCE and MN frequencies according to the gender.
Conclusion : The chromosome damage and genotoxicity are related to the ORWs daily exposure to halothane waste and may be increased by accumula-tive with duration of exposure to free radical and reactive oxygen species lead to damage in their cells of peripheral lymphocytes and buccal cells over time of work.


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