To determine the biochemical composition of the meat of broiler chickens raised on mixed feed with the addition of biologically active supplements, studies were conducted at the “Sary-Bulak” poultry farm in the Almaty region. The object of the study was broiler chickens of the “Cobb 500” cross. As a result of scientific research, the effectiveness and expediency of the complex use of the supplement feed “Suvar” and the probiotic “Acidophilin B-143” in feeding broiler chickens and their impact on the safety of livestock, live weight gain, slaughter and meat quality were determined. It was found that the optimal dose of the supplement feed “Suvar” is 0.25 ml/kg, and the probiotic “Acidophilin B-143” is 0.13 ml/l of feed during the entire growing period. It was found that the combined use of supplement feeds and probiotics improves the growth and development of pectoralis of broilers in the experimental group. There was also an improvement in the taste of broiler meat based on the results of the tasting.


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