Development of technology for producing gluten-free dry mixes for confectionery products based on Kazakhstani raw materials


The article presents data on the production of gluten-free dry mixes. At the beginning, gluten-free crops of corn and rice grains were selected, which were refined according to the climatic conditions of our country. All selected crops were tested for the presence of gluten using the IFA analyzer of Rider Multiscan FC. Before setting the temperature conditions in three parameters on the extruder, the degrees of gelatinization are considered and investigated using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) equipment. Based on the thermodynamic melting parameters, the optimal extrusion mode for rice and corn flour is selected. Extrusion was performed on a double-screw extruder, DS32-II – Double-screw testing extruder. The morphology of extruded corn and rice flour was studied, and micrographs revealed that extrusion destroys their granular structure and creates a link between starch and free lipids in the raw material. The ratios of dry mixtures for obtaining gluten-free products based on mathematical modeling have been developed. Based on the study of quality characteristics, the ratios of dry mixes for cakes were worked out (rice flour - X1-24,25%, corn flour - X2-59,5%, extrusion flour - X3-16.25%). As a result of the study of the gluten content in dry mixes from grain crops and obtained confectionery products, it was revealed that gluten does not exceed 20 mg/kg. During the experiments, the energy value of gluten-free cakes (406,66 kcal) was studied.


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