Development of a recipe and technology for the production of drinking yogurt from camel milk for gerodietetic nutrition based on the enzyme, probiotics and nutrient additive


Despite extensive research and development of technology for fermented milk products from camel milk, until today its position in the form of a geroprotector has not been considered. This study is aimed at developing a technology for the production of fermented milk product from camel milk for gerodietetic nutrition and conducting a study of the developed samples, analysis of the results. As a result of research and development of technology for the production of fermented milk product, by enriching camel milk with various nutrient and other additives, it was possible to obtain drinking yogurt for gerodietetic nutrition with certain properties that meet the requirements of regulatory documents. The addition of enzyme (transglutaminase), prebiotic (fructooligosaccharide) and nutrient additive (apple pectin) to camel milk positively affected such properties as organoleptic, viscosity, and moisture-retention capacity of the product. And also, for the production of drinking yogurt in order to identify the most acceptable type of lactic acid starter cultures, a combination of different lactic acid starter cultures and its application in fermentation were carried out, as a result of which it was possible to obtain reasonable indicators of suitable lactic acid starter cultures for the production of drinking yogurt for gerodietetic nutrition.


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