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Control of caterpillars (chrysodeixis calcites) in the green mustard using red ginger exstract (zingiber officinale var. rubrum)


One of the most important global problems is protecting crops from insect. For the control insects, synthetic chemical are continuously used. The implementation of integrated pest management aims to suppress adverse effects of the use of synthetic pesticides, plant pest immunity, prevent resurgence, and utilize as much as possible the ability of nature with using environmentally friendly plant pesticides Green mustard is a plant widely cultivated farmers in Indonesia, but green mustard plants also contain vitamins and nutrient that are important for health, because of the many cases of low productivity, one pests of caterpillars inch of causing farmers to suffer losses and the impact on the use of chemical insecticides by semi subsistence for control of caterpillar pests. To cope with the excessive use of chemical insecticides, the use of botanical pesticides are more environmentally friendly can be applied. This study aimed to determine the mortality of insects, the effect of the red ginger extract to control caterpillar pests at green mustard plants and to determine the concentration of red ginger extract the most effective way to control caterpillar pests on green mustard. In this result of study that it was found that the application of the most influence very real to the intensity of death caterpillar green mustard plants is JM2 with a concentration of 10%. The the best concentration and able to kill the caterpillars (Chrysodeixis calcites) amounted to 58.00% within seven days of observation after being treated.


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