Change of Phytoalexins- Stilbenoids of grape skin Tsolikouri variety (Vitis vinifera L.) in condition Grey mildew


It is investigated change of phytoalexins-stilbenoids in the Skin of white grapevine Tsolikouri infected by Grey mildew. The Tsolikouri is cultivated in the west part of Georgia (Zestafoni region). Vineyards are located raw humus calcareous-rendzic-leptosols type of soil 30 years of vine. Comparing the healthy and diseased grapevine Skins physiological concentrations of stilbenoids, in the infected grapevine Skin it is established following stress-metabolite stilbenoids: trans-resveratrol, ε-viniferin, trans-piceid, cis-piceid, trans-piceatannol. The stress-metabolite stilbenoids in the condition of the disease Grey mildew, is a scientific novelty for the grape skin Tsolikouri variety. The results of the research are important for determination the correlation of the vine immunity with the phytoalexins-stilbenoids.


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