Cannibalism of the medical leeches Hirudo verbana
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Eurasian Journal of Biosciences, 2019 - Volume 13 Issue 1, pp. 23-26
  • Published Online: 06 Feb 2019
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AMA 10th edition
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Reference: Aminov R. Cannibalism of the medical leeches Hirudo verbana. Eurasia J Biosci. 2019;13(1), 23-26.

APA 6th edition
In-text citation: (Aminov, 2019)
Reference: Aminov, R. (2019). Cannibalism of the medical leeches Hirudo verbana. Eurasian Journal of Biosciences, 13(1), 23-26.

In-text citation: (Aminov, 2019)
Reference: Aminov, Ruslan. "Cannibalism of the medical leeches Hirudo verbana". Eurasian Journal of Biosciences 2019 13 no. 1 (2019): 23-26.

In-text citation: (Aminov, 2019)
Reference: Aminov, R. (2019). Cannibalism of the medical leeches Hirudo verbana. Eurasian Journal of Biosciences, 13(1), pp. 23-26.

In-text citation: (Aminov, 2019)
Reference: Aminov, Ruslan "Cannibalism of the medical leeches Hirudo verbana". Eurasian Journal of Biosciences, vol. 13, no. 1, 2019, pp. 23-26.

In-text citation: (1), (2), (3), etc.
Reference: Aminov R. Cannibalism of the medical leeches Hirudo verbana. Eurasia J Biosci. 2019;13(1):23-6.


The experiment involved 150 hungry ML (Hirudo verbana Carena, 1820) aged 7-8 months, whose last feeding with blood of cattle was 4 months ago and 150 leeches in the first days after blood feeding (human and cattle). Before the experiment and after, not fed and after feeding leeches weighed in the scales. After landing in one container of not fed and fed leeches, after 20 minutes of Hirudo verbana, who were hungry attacked on the fed. Cannibalism manifested itself in one-fourth of all the hungry leeches. As a result of the study, we found that non-feeding manifested cannibalism to blood-fed medical leeches Hirudo verbana in the early days.


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