Generative propagation using seed media, especially sengon buto (Enterolobium cyclocarpum Griseb), has many obstacles associated with low germination. Information about the right treatment of breaking the dormancy (PD) is very necessary. This study aims to describe the percentage rate of breaking dormancy. In this study, seed samples were treated by selecting seed weighting > 90 grams, seed solarization, soaking using AC water media with different length of time: PD 24 hours, PD 48 hours, PD 72 hours and PD 96 hours. Reaction of seed weight to media soaking time would be analyzed. The use of AC water media, different soaking time and seed weight resulted in a rate of percentage of seed dormancy breaking of 73%-87%, the best time to soak the seeds were 2-3 days and there was an increase in seed mass. The perfection of the physical shape of the seeds, the accuracy of the time to soak the seeds and the weight of the seeds had a positive effect for the rate of percentage of dormancy breaking.


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