Availability and accommodation of childbirth in health personnel towards mother’s achievement to childbirth services


Introduction: Maternal mortality rate (MMR) is a serious problem in Indonesia due to low coverage of childbirth by health personnel. This study aimed to analyze the correlation between the availability and accommodation of childbirth in health personnel and mother’s achievement in childbirth services.
Methods: This was an observational-analytic study involving 100 women who gave birth in 2017 at Bondowoso District. Data analysis was performed using the Spearman test. 
Results: The results of correlation test showed that geographic location, hours of opening, appointments mechanisms, and accommodation had correlation with mother’s achievement to childbirth services (p=0.000). It means that the easier the geographic location to reach, the higher tendency of the mother’s achievement to childbirth services at Bondowoso District.
Conclusion: The formation of an internal health office team, optimizing the role of the head of community health center, birth waiting homes socialization, are solutions to increase mother’s achievement to childbirth services.


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