Attenuation dexamethasone adverse effect by nano-green tea phytosome encapsulated dexamethasone on rat leydig cells in vitro: Part I


Introduction: Phytosome is patented technology developed to be a new herbal delivery system; the study was aimed to investigate dexamethasone effect on Leydig cells as well as exploration the effect of Green tea phytosome carrying dexamethasone on Leydig cell functional properties; Materials and Methods: Green tea dried leaves were extracted by methanol; it was yielded 22.21±2.68% per 15 grams; the Green tea phytosome was prepared by modified thin film method, The resulted monolayer phytosome were sized range 48.1 - 96.3 nm with entrapment% (GT: 88.50%, DM: 93.30%) and efficiency ratio (GT: 76.75, DM: 65.27). Results: The thirty rats testes biopsy were digested and isolated by percoll gradient concentration (trypan blue to be 92.61± 6.46%), the Leydig cell was culturing and growing, Histochemical identification and purity of Leydig cells were done by 3β- HSD stain; then distributed in to 125 wells according to treated group (control, GT, DM, GTPHY and GTPHYED each one was sub divided to five treated concentrations); the Leydig cells viability parameters for GTPHYED (0.09 ×10-3 %): Leydig cell number, mitochondrial activity and DNA tail length were avoided their adverse effect on DM as compared with control and the end point of DM upset (0.0055%): Leydig cell count, DNA tail length. Conclusion: Green tea phytosome encapsulated dexamethasone attenuated dexamethasone adverse effect by formula advantages, led to improving Leydig cell viability with stabilized growth, increased cellular properties.


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