Treating herbl medicines, based on their long-term widespread use as anti-fertility agents, conversely it`s possible to have herbs that are effective for improving fertility. Endometrium of the uterus undergoes enormous renovation in response to systemic changes in reproductive hormones (progesterone and estradiol) during each reproductive cycle).Twenty five health mature female mice (aged 8 weeks) divided into five groups (5/each) were participants in the current to investigate the fertility effects of Origanum vulgare against the reproductive toxicity induced by Fenugreek. These effects examine by measuring the number of ovarian follicles, thickness of the uterus and steroid hormone levels (estrogen & progesterone) in serum. The results showed no significant differences (p>0.05) in number of ovarian follicales, steroid hormones level, and lower in thikness layers of uterus tissus the experimental treated groups with Fenugreek (250 mg/kg and O.vulgare (90,180,270) mg/kg respectively. Depending on these outcomes, the hot aqueous of O. vulgare has enhancement reproductive system in female albino mice, and these results give additional scientific support to maybe use O. vulgare as an alternative for problems of fertility.


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