Antioxidant activity of alcoholic extract of Anise seeds (Pimpinella anisum L) and lemongrass improves hormonal and biochemical parameters in Shami goats


The antioxidant activities of alcohol extracts of the seeds of anise (Pimpinella anisum L) were investigated in this study. This indicates that the extracts could be used as antioxidants in fat‐containing foods. Lemongrass is an important source of citral that is used for the preparation of ionones and artificial perfumes. The high concentration of hemoglobin, the percentage of plasma erythrocytes and erythrocytes, indicating the health status of female goats. Furthermore, improved kidney function through a decrease in the level of urea and Creatinine in the blood serum of animals, especially when giving lemongrass. The treatment of animals with an alcoholic extract of anise seeds led to a significant increase in FSH and LH hormones, which is reflected in the reproductive performance of female goats. The extracts also showed good free radical‐scavenging activity, indicating that they act as FSH and LH, two substances called Dianethole and Photanethole.


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