Background: The utilization of health services by the public is a step towards realizing public health and well-being. The results of the Indonesian Basic Health Research in 2018, showed that the percentage of Indonesian population who had access to clinics or doctor’s practices based on their location of residence, 37.3% had easy access; 31.1% had difficult access, and 31.5% had very difficult access.
Purpose: This study was to analyze the behavior of patients in the utilization of outpatient health services at the BAZNAS Al-Chusnaini's Healthy Home Health Services, in Sidoarjo District.
Method: This research uses an analytic survey design with a cross-sectional approach. This cross-sectional study was conducted with a sample of 130 respondents who were determined through accidental sampling techniques and using a questionnaire instrument. Data were analyzed using the chi-square test and multiple logistic regression.
Result: That most respondents were female (68%), and aged ≥35 years (79%). The results of the analysis of the relationship show that there is a relationship between knowledge (p = 0.004), trust (p = 0.003), facilities (p = 0.027), health worker behavior (p = 0.002), and utilization of outpatient services. The results of the analysis of influence together show that the variable that most influences patient satisfaction is the facility (Intercept = 0.005).
Conclusion: Patient behavior influences the utilization of health services.


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